The Messages Leadership

Dear Customer;

First of all, on behalf of the Party, the collective staff Insurance Corporation Xuan Thanh, we express our thanks to our customers, partners, departments and colleagues for support your cooperation and for Xuan Thanh Insurance brand – XTI in recent years.

General Insurance Company, formerly known as Xuan Thanh Insurance Company Thai Son – GMIC. Since its establishment, after nearly 05 years of operation, Xuan Thanh Insurance has built for himself a strong Party with 05 operating expenses throughout the entire Corporation, a broad network of more than 20 companies member, transaction offices and more than 400 employees nationwide. With the continuous development, brand Xuan Thanh Insurance – XTI have been customers, partners and colleagues welcomed as a trusted brand in the insurance market of Vietnam.

Dear customer,

As a general insurance company, we have always understood beside what he has achieved, they must try to do more to meet the expectations of customers. We aim to build long-term relationships based on cooperation, shared learning and success as well as the risk of the customer. We always ask all employees in the company actually live and work with those policies to customers and partners trust, desire to cooperate with us.

Strategic planning and orientation to become one of the leading insurance companies in Vietnam, towards international integration in the near future. Insurance Corporation Xuan Thanh always improve ourselves in every stage of service, making the gadget insurance products to enhance the competitiveness of the Corporation in the market and meet the needs of increasingly diverse insurance customers, providing high-quality services, at the same time, the mission throughout the course of their activities are “Accompanying the customer” spirit “all of a commitment.”

By this letter, the Party Committee, the Board of Directors of the Corporation Xuan Thanh desired insurance always get the attention, help and create favorable conditions of the agencies and departments from the central to local levels in country, with the support of customers, partners and colleagues to the business of insurance corporations Xuan Thanh sustainable development. We hereby commit to abide by and comply with state laws, local regulations and maximum protection of customer interests in the process of implementing the rights and obligations of the Corporation.